June is Country Cooking Month

The month of June officially marks the start of summer. Kids will fill the streets to play and have fun, and adults will be entrusted to take advantage of the great weather to come up with meals that can be enjoyed by family and friends in outdoor settings, such as gardens and parks.

Celebrate Country Cooking this June

Summer brings with it hot weather; a good reason why many like spending the time outdoors. With many people opting to take vacations so as to spend more time with family, it is important to consider what meals to prepare during this quality time. Do you remember how it felt when you were young and your mom or grandmother prepared meals that you still crave up to this day? Well, it is time to relive those memories by celebrating Country Cooking Month.

What is country cooking?

Country cooking means differently for everyone. Some people consider it a time to cook fatty and unhealthy meals. Others think of it as a time to be frugal and cook what is at hand. Yet other people celebrate it by preparing their favorite family recipes.

While there may be no definite meaning to country cooking, what is important to remember is that the aim should be to always prepare the best meals for your loved ones. Country cooking is about taking the time to prepare special meals for the family, like how your grandma perfected that favorite meal you always asked for. They all started from scratch, prepared in their own kitchen.

How can one participate?

There are various ways you can celebrate country cooking during the month of June. Remember that the goal is to prepare meals in your own kitchen, or if you’re visiting, in your host’s kitchen. Try to avoid pre-made or boxed meals. Instead, ask for an heirloom recipe. If you are cooking with your mom or grandma, it is time to pay attention and help out on how it is prepared. If not, try to get as much details as possible.

Technology changed the process of cooking, making it easier and faster to prepare meals. This June, stick to the old fashioned cooking tools and avoid blenders, mixers, microwaves, and other electric kitchen gadgets. Your hands and stove should do all the work.

Back in the day people would hunt their own food. Although you can’t really do this now, you can always go fishing and prepare the day’s catch for a nice meal. Cookouts are also perfect during summer and are a great way to celebrate Country Cooking month.

Summer cooking also means a little too much than people can stuff, meaning the fridge will always be full of leftovers. If you are out of recipes to prepare for the family, you just have to open the refrigerator and create a meal from the leftovers.

Country cooking reminds us how our ancestors used to prepare meals for their families. Celebrating it reminds us of the importance of spending time with loved ones and strengthening the bond through food preparation. So take the time this June to gather everyone in your garden and serve them with your own country cooked meals.

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