Wedding celebrations

A Memorable Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Planning a wedding anniversary celebration isn’t usually left up to the individuals that are being honored on that special day. Rather, the planning is left to their loved ones and friends. When planning an anniversary, the one key element to keep in mind is that the celebration is defined by the source and purpose that it originated from- their honorees wedding day.

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Setting up the same circumstances that your parents met in is one of the ideal anniversary scenarios to plan. What was special about the occasion? What type of music was played, or what type of fashion was the rage then? The smallest details can make a world of difference when planning a wedding anniversary celebration.

Other ideas include setting up the memorable moments such as their first date together. Where was it? What were the circumstances? What did they eat then? These are often stories that parents share with their children over the years, so it’s your chance to live it with them and show them you were listening.

Setting the mood

One of the best ways to light up the atmosphere at the event is to offer the guests topics of conversation. You can do this by using prompt cards with facts and questions to generate discussion amongst the guests. What was popular during the time period? What song was at the top of the charts? What about the dress code? Getting dressed up for the event can be a fun way to complete the atmosphere, so put on your decade’s attire and join in the fun.

Setting the atmosphere also depends on the scents and flavor of the situation. The dish served at their wedding or even their first date together are a must for this type of event. Of course, adding in a few of their new favorites will keep everyone satisfied at the dinner table.

Remember when …

An excellent idea to include is the simple act of remembering the impact the celebrated couple’s life has had on everyone present at the event. Putting together photo clips and videos of the couple’s past all the way to the present day is a great way to show everyone how much the couple has influenced the world around them by being together.

Whether it was last year or fifty years ago, a wedding anniversary celebration is always one to remember. And as a couple spends more time together, the occasion becomes that much more significant in their lives. So, take your time planning the event, and be careful to get your facts right before you start planning.

Weddings are Getting Social

With the growth of online social media platforms, millions of users are constantly using social media as a gateway for sharing status updates, pictures, and ideas with people across the world. Now, social has become relevant to weddings as well, featuring in the planning process and the event itself. So, whether you’re planning for or attending a wedding in the near future, it’s time to get a little social about the subject.

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Lately, using social sites such as Pinterest and Facebook to seek wedding planning inspiration has become popular. While sharing status updates and even searching for recommendations from friends is popular on such sites, the use of Pinterest has become a big deal for the bride.

With a visual base, Pinterest offers ideas on just about any wedding aspect you can think of, from wedding themes and style to potential flavors for your wedding reception feast. Whether you’re getting ideas for cakes or searching for recipes, Pinterest is a hot spot for wedding food-related content, and is a great place to get some unique ideas for your event which you can then discuss with your West Texas Caterer. But, it isn’t just a place to get ideas; you should also take a moment to share your special event and pin images for others to see.

Going mobile

Mobile technology is on the rise as well, making social connections easier than ever. Of course, the use of mobile is of far more importance during the wedding planning process. Apart from obvious communication reasons, it includes using applications to keep track of wedding planning information, many of which are free and extremely helpful. Of course, asking questions and advice through mobile apps, especially when you’re on the spot, helps to make last-minute adjustments and plans. Use of mobile gadgets and apps has found its way into the fitting rooms as well. Using mobile to communicate information- during fittings- allows more individuals to participate in that part of the wedding, regardless of where they are.

Increased attendance 

Use of social networks isn’t solely restricted to status updates and sharing links. Video sharing has found its way into a rather interesting part of the wedding ceremony itself. Using video conferencing tools such as Skype and Google Groups enables those who once couldn’t make it to watch, interact, and share in the experience regardless of where they are (even a lunch break at work).

Social etiquette 

Of course, there are a few things to consider with the aspect of social’s introduction into the wedding environment. First of all, for all intents and purposes, sharing pictures of the bride in her gown before the wedding is a no-no. Constantly texting and checking status updates is not such a good idea during the ceremony, out of respect to the bride and groom. Keep in mind that it’s only natural that the bride and groom are the first to upload pictures and status updates to their social networks, so that right is reserved for their special moment.

As digital technology allows us to communicate and share with a wider audience, we can expect social media to become a part of some of the most important events in our lives. Therefore, be prepared for a social wedding, whether you’re planning or participating.

Big Mistake – Catering Your Own Wedding

While planning a wedding, many soon discover that budgets can often be limited, offering little flexibility. For that matter, the one area of the whole arrangement that organizers look to save on costs is the catering. It sounds easy enough to whip up a few family recipes, perhaps even bake a cake, and plan some interesting ideas for your guests. However, often enough it turns out to be a costly mistake.

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First of all, consider what it is that a catering service offers. It isn’t just about preparing the food, it’s about handling the process and knowing what to expect. A well-trained staff is well experienced for the job, enabling them to perform effectively and solve problems easily. Not only that, but they are also trained on safety and hygienic food preparations, ensuring that your guests get the flavor they want at no risk to their health.

Costs speak loud

Additionally, catering can turn out to be less expensive when considering time, materials, and ingredients (some of which you may not so easily be able to find without professional expertise) needed for a wedding. Dinnerware can get expensive as well, and can quickly drain your budget.

Another issue with self-catering is that it can be difficult to measure exactly the amount of food your guests are going to eat. Professional caterers can focus on preparing enough for everyone and also offer a wider menu for your guests (versatility).


Ultimately, the professional caterer knows what it takes to be prepared for the requirements of the event. Timing and effective delivery are essential to keeping your guests happy and excited. Food prepping requirements, such as when certain foods need to be prepared and delivered to the guests, can leave many self-caterers confused because they don’t have the experience or the understanding of what it takes to cater successfully.

Experience matters, and is something that the West Texas catering professionals have in plenty. In fact, there is a story about one couple that tried to cater their own wedding for a group of 50 and it turned out to be a disaster. No one knew what to expect, even with family and friends helping. Communication wasn’t effective, and the family found themselves riding the elevator up and down twenty five floors to retrieve silverware and other supplies because the location (the couple’s condo) wasn’t properly equipped to handle the event. Being prepared matters a lot and that takes experience.

So before you decide to cater your own wedding, consider the demands and costs it will take on you. This is a special time for you and your family, so it’s best to rely on the professionals to help you out so you can focus on enjoying the special moments.

Organizing and Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding, whether you’re just helping or doing it yourself, is a job all on its own. In fact, there are many businesses dedicated to just this particular subject. So it won’t surprise many to discover that there is an array of different apps that can help the individual handle such a special occasion.

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Wedding Budget is the most practical app to start with. After all, planning often starts by knowing where and on what you can spend your hard-earned money. This app covers everything to do with your budget, keeping track of costs, where you’ve allocated them, and how much you have left. It even keeps track of when payments are due, notifying you so that the planning process goes as smoothly as possible. The best part is you can manage your budget through this app for free.

Fun Wedding focuses on one particular portion of your wedding – the entertainment. With all the wedding plans going on around you, it can be difficult to set time aside to plan a great song selection to keep the guests entertained and dancing the night away. This app offers song categories in bride and groom and even lists the top 200 most popular wedding songs from the 1950’s to present, helping narrow your selection down and choose the songs that match your event’s charisma. At just a dollar, it can definitely make generating a song list for your MC a whole lot easier, and the chances of them playing that one annoying song you forgot to put on your no-play list go right out the window.

Wedding 911 is a definite, especially if you’re new to the world of planning a wedding. Provided by The Knot, a renowned wedding planning website company, this app offers answers to just about any wedding planning situation. From etiquette to ways you can save some green when planning your wedding, if you have the questions, this app has the answers. The best thing is that you can download it for free, so there’s no need to charge it to your budget.

For those that are handling just about everything all at once, there is one app that takes the wedding cake. iWedding Deluxe is pricey for an app, costing ten dollars, but provides just about everything you need to plan your event. With basics in mind, it covers budget, venue location, and a to-do list. To help make things a lot simpler, it also offers photo storage for wedding designs and inspiration so you can share with others and build on ideas. Additionally, it also offers to hold on to contact information and guest list details to keep track of guest requests and dinner choices. And a nifty little aspect that will definitely be put to use are the tools to help you find nearby vendors for your event.

These are just a few of the many apps currently available, but are a great helping hand when planning your event and making sure everyone stays stuffed and excited about your special day. Of course, catering’s not an app but Gomez Catering is always happy to share best practices and ideas!

Wedding Thoughts and Ideas

Weddings are perhaps one of the most intensely planned events, with each attempting to be as unique and memorable as possible. People show up, dance, eat, drink, and make merry. While the wedding classics- walking down the aisle, cutting of the cake- are still adhered to, new trends and ideas have emerged, adding more color and expectations to this wonderful event.


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It’s obvious that your guests are going to get thirsty at some point, making the event’s drinks an integral component. Of late, drinks have taken up a much bigger role at this event. Instead of a simple glass of champagne for the adults and fruit punch for the kids, stylish cocktails are starting to make their presence known.

When it comes time to toast, guests can give champagne a different flavor and style. Champagne infusion stations, where guests can add syrup and fruits to bring out the flavor, turns the classic drink into something unique to your event. To make the delivery of the drinks special for guests, use barrels and exotic containers rather than the classic punch bowl.


The meal itself is a big part of any wedding event. One of the latest trends is to provide a diverse menu through a buffet- delivering different ethnic cuisine stations along with their own atmosphere and characteristics. If a guest enjoys Asian cuisine, but also wants to try a Chile Relleno, everything is right there for them to choose. Through a buffet, guests have the freedom to come up with their own dish combinations.

When it comes to the main course, recipes of all types have made a wedding appearance. Some are expensive while others strive to be exotic. Consider taking an otherwise ordinary dish and turn it into something more. A casual or everyday recipe can turn into something unique and extraordinary simply by adding a special touch, such as lobster and macaroni and cheese. Sometimes the perfect wedding meal isn’t about spending the big bucks on a rare delicacy; it’s all about the flavor, style, and creativity you infuse into what is available.

Sweet delicacies

Sweets treats add plenty of fun and excitement to an event. As we’re all familiar, the cake is an important element to any wedding, but not all guests are into cakes. Some like pie, others like simple treats.

One interesting concept you can consider is setting up a station to distribute candy, ice cream, and toppings for various desserts. Sweets and treats aren’t always about going big either. Many of the smaller treats like truffle pops and French macaroons have found their way onto dessert tables at many weddings. Others, like smores stations and ice cream stops, have also given rise to late night snack stations, open for those interested in indulging themselves well past time.

There are an infinite number of combinations that you can select and apply in your own unique way. When it comes to your wedding, creating a unique experience for your guests gives them yet another reason to remember this wonderful day.