Luncheon for Your Bridesmaids

Wedding events are a task to prepare for, as often the bride and groom want the day to be a perfect success; just how they have dreamt about. On the wedding day itself, a lot of people get involved, all with different roles. In all the buzz and excitement, one might forget to extend their thanks to some groups of people whose contributions sometimes get overlooked; like the bridesmaids, for example.

Bridesmaids’ luncheon with West Texas catering service

A bridesmaids’ luncheon is a small gathering you can host to thank your bridesmaids and everyone who helps with the wedding planning. Such an event would be a great time for everyone involved to get together and enjoy, without thinking of the wedding. The luncheon can be brunch, normal lunch, or dinner. The bride usually hosts the event. If the bride is too busy, the mothers, close friends or relatives can step in for the bride.

When is the best time?

You can throw the luncheon depending on your needs. For example, is your wedding being held out of town so as to necessitate guests travelling before the event? If so, you can throw your luncheon in your hotel room or function hall for a few hours. Enough to have an intimate sit down meal with your bridesmaids.

Or if everyone is easily accessible, say all your guests are already in town, you can plan a spa date or a picnic a few days before the wedding day. You can choose any activity that the bridesmaids will enjoy. The goal is to show your appreciation to everyone who is part of the wedding planning. If you have gifts for your bridesmaids, this is also the perfect time to give them.

While bridesmaids’ luncheons are not entirely centered on having activities, a nice intimate meal is enough for such an event. There is no better way to form bonds but through good food. Since everyone will be busy with the wedding preparations, you can ask your West Texas catering service to help you plan out the luncheon. Have the catering service offer their ideas on the best locations, preferably outdoors as summer is here.

Wedding preparations require a lot of time and energy. Your bridesmaids in particular will be charged with a lot of responsibilities to ensure the day is a success. As such, it is great if you can set aside a few hours to show your appreciation for all the work and effort they will put in. Not only will a luncheon be greatly appreciated, it will also go a long way in relieving the stress that all of you have been experiencing while going through the preparations. So come wedding day, all of you will have the energy and radiance to make the event a success.

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