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When the subject of planning a family reunion comes up among family members many find it hard to agree on the location or activities. Does this dilemma often delay the planning process? Don’t be dismayed. You’re not alone. Most families experience the same challenge. When the well runs dry of good ideas for your next family reunion here are a few suggestions that will get your planning off to a running start.

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1. Choose a Theme
2. Choose Theme Related Activities
3. Choose the Ideal Location
4. Create your Itinerary and Luncheon/Dinner Program
5. Event Planning Software

Choose a Family Reunion Theme

The first step in planning the event is choosing a theme. Your theme will help you determine activities, location and the items in your Itinerary and dinner program. There are a number of themes common to annual family gatherings. Themes are often centered on the family name, homestead and heritage. Other themes may be closely tied to the activities of the event such as the following:

Traditional Themed Gathering
Genealogy Homestead Tour
Family Fest
Family Reunion Cruise
Living Legends Ball

Theme Based Event Planners

Some event planning applications feature theme based planning. Each theme comes with a prewritten itinerary, dinner program and activities we well as logos and even t-shirt and invitations designs.

Choose Family Reunion Theme Related Activities

Now that your theme is established you can better consider activities that would be appropriate for this special occasion. Typical activities may include a visit to the old homestead, luncheon program on the premises, family history recital, story time, presentation of family quilt or other heirloom, honoring of family elders. Some of these activities may be incorporated in a dinner program.

Choose The Ideal location

Having established the theme and an outline of activities, choosing an ideal location should be much easier. The locations considered should allow for the enjoyment of most if not all activities listed.

Create Your Itinerary

Once the location is selected it is time to start putting together an itinerary of event. Create a simple list of activities and include the day and time each activity is scheduled.

Event Planning Software

As said earlier, reunion planning software applications make theme selection and associated activities a whole lot easier. When looking for such a planner choose one that provides a theme selector. Theme selectors guide you through the initial planning process by providing theme related activities. The application should provide a prewritten Itinerary and luncheon/dinner program. Other important features would include a timeline planner and attendee roster. Even better are planners that include a budget calculation application.

So if the well has run dry of good ideas for your next reunion, filling it up is as simple as selecting a family reunion theme and associated activities. A reliable theme based event planning application may be all that’s needed.

Mark Askew is the founder of Fimark Home Online at, a family reunion planning resource that features event planning software, worksheets and applications, special occasion printables including poems, logos, flyers, invitations, banners and event planning tips.

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