The Challenges of Eating Barbeque at a Special Event

West Texas caterer and proper table manners

Any West Texas caterer has seen it all when it comes to table manners. Usually, people will know how to conduct themselves at formal occasions, but things go awry when it comes to barbeques and many such informal occasions. You might have noticed that there are many ways to do things in life, but adapting to an occasion’s etiquette is of the utmost importance in order to blend in. It is important to know that following table manners/etiquette is usually the preferred way to go, independent of the kind of event or gathering. The following tips should be the foundation to barbecue eating at a special event.

Differentiate what can and can’t be eating with the fingers

As a rule of thumb, almost everything on a plate should be eaten with a knife and fork. A good West Texas caterer will tell you that at a barbecue of informal nature, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken pieces, and ribs are usually more enjoyable when eaten through fingers. On the contrary, steak, fish, and sausages are best eaten with a fork and knife. Although this is a great starting point, you should adapt to the event by observing what other individuals are doing.

Eating steak

Some important steak eating etiquette pointers provided by a West Texas caterer can go a long way when it comes to showing your manners at any special event. A common mistake many people make is smothering steak with sauce; you can observe this at a good restaurant, too. Although you can get away with doing this at an informal gathering, it should be pointed that it is not exactly civilized behavior. The correct way of proceeding if you’re going to use any sauce is the following: pour some sauce next to your steak and dip each bite of meat before you eat it. Avoid pouring directly from the bottle to your steak bite.

Eating ribs

This is an important one since ribs are usually served almost exclusively at informal meals (with the help of a bib.) Since the remaining meat on the rib has a considerable level of difficulty when being cut from the bone, it is usually held by the fingers when you eat it. The rule of thumb in this case, presented by professional West Texas caterers, is to see what the hosts are doing at any given time. This usually sets the standard by which the guests, including you, will behave. Be very careful with stains caused by the sauce. You can avoid stains by eating the ribs slowly and in a mindful way.

It is also important to remember that barbecue manners emphasize function, not style. Therefore, you have many degrees of freedom when eating your food. In that way you will not have to be self-conscious when enjoying your meal. As you may have already experienced, knowing what to do in a particular occasion makes you more relaxed, and even though barbeques are a time to let loose, adhering to proper etiquette is no exception.

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