Irish Dishes Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is renowned for its green color scheme and extravagant parades. It is celebrated on March 17 to honor St. Patrick for his dedication to bring Christianity to Ireland and help those in need during the fourth century. It wasn’t until many centuries later that he was adopted as an official saint by the Catholic Church. As a result, the Feast of St. Patrick was first observed in the early 17th century and has gradually become a widespread cultural celebration of Irish heritage.

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St. Patrick’s Day favorites

We’re all familiar with the green attire and shamrocks which are commonly worn on this special day.  It’s also wonderful to parade around town, enjoying the festivities and wide-spread celebrations that are held on this day. But, St. Patrick’s Day is also about the feast, thus one should always consider what they’re going to serve at their party event.

One of the most commonly served dishes is the good old classic corned beef and cabbage. Often, corned beef was mixed together with potato. Potatoes feature in an abundance of dishes, as it has been one of Irelands leading exports for centuries. However, did you know that corned beef is not a traditional dish in Ireland? In fact, it wasn’t until the celebrations came to America that this became a popular Irish-American dish for St. Patrick’s Day feasts.

All-out Irish

If you’re looking to go a little more Irish, you could try the sausage and potato coddle, which mixes together pork sausage, bacon, potatoes, along with herbs and spices to offer a classic Irish flavor. It’s simple, it’s got the ingredients, and it goes great with an Irish stout beer (served at room temperature as they do it).

Lamb is something very popular in Ireland, and specifically to St. Patrick himself, who as a boy spent time as a shepherd. In fact, Shepherd’s pie has been a classic Irish dish, featuring chopped lamb, mashed potatoes, lamb gravy, and a touch of onions. However, many today replace lamb with beef as it’s easier to cook and often more convenient. But, if you’re interested in preserving its authenticity, you can rely on your choice West Texas catering service to help deliver the flavor you want at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

If you’re serious about going all-out Irish, beer-baked beef offers a recipe composed of carrots, onions, bacon, and Irish stout beer. Take your classic beef, cut and marinate with Irish stout beer- which is renowned for having a strong flavor, and actually helps soften the meat up as well.

Don’t forget dessert

You can’t forget about adding a little sweetness to the celebration though. If you’re into the sweet stuff, chocolate stout cupcakes with Irish Cream frosting definitely make a fine dessert. Or, for the adults, you could always enjoy some Irish coffee, using only two teaspoons of Irish whiskey, a little sugar, and some cream on top.

Saint Patrick’s Day goes beyond feasting and wearing green to honor Irish heritage. It’s about remembering what one man did with his life, the sacrifices he made, and the great things he did for the country he called home.

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