Great Meals for Children’s Events

Hosting an event for children takes much consideration, especially when it comes to the choice of meals to be provided. For many of us, we can only guess what the kids are going to like. Even then, it is very likely not everyone will be delighted at the food options laid out for them.

What do kids like?

Your next kid’s event with your West Texas caterer

The first question you want to consider is: What do kids enjoy at an event aimed for them? Children’s priorities in such scenarios are often playing, being entertained, and eating cake/sweet treats. What you must consider is how a good meal is going to fit into this rather simple agenda.

One of the benefits to a kid’s menu situation is that it’s naturally less expensive, includes simple food choices, and can be provided in smaller portions. The key factor in this case is that you’re going to need to come up with a menu that caters to the picky-eater crowd. Most kids aren’t going to enjoy the same foods that adults would savor, and will prefer something that they’re already familiar with. In many cases, the simpler the dish, the more appealing it will be.

Food on the go

Keep in mind that kids probably won’t remember to allocate time in their fun-filled schedule to stop and enjoy a big meal. As such, consider what’s popular with the kids and is easy to eat while they move around and interact. Choose foods that are simple and the kids will be comfortable with, such as pizza, hotdogs, and chicken fingers. One of the best ways to gauge a good children’s dish is to consider if it can be topped with ketchup or cheese.

But for those that want to include some healthy choices into the event, it’s important not to blatantly do so, like providing an asparagus with chestnuts dish. Instead, you want to meet them on a common ground, such as mixing broccoli with sausages, topped with cheese. It’s simple and still has healthy benefits to it.

For kids, a buffet may be just the right answer to your event. Though they may be picky, they tend to sample a variety of options. As long as those options are mobile and easy to get to, they’ll be happy. When it comes to the sweet stuff, dessert considerations are a must at any child-oriented event. Luckily, you will not go wrong with cake and ice cream.

As you plan for your upcoming kids’ event, know that West Texas caterers know what it takes to prepare a menu for the younger crowds. Don’t hesitate to discuss child-friendly options with your choice catering service and get some helpful advice for planning and hosting a children’s event that the kids will love.

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