Gluten Free at Your Next Event

When planning an event, one of the biggest concerns is the food you plan to offer. With so many recipes and ingredients to consider, preparing the right combination for your event is one thing that requires careful consideration. This is mainly because your goal is catering to your guest’s food needs. While some like it all, there are those with allergies to foods such as shellfish, eggs, or peanuts. However, there is a growing concern for one particular food item that can be even more detrimental than allergies- gluten.

Consult your West Texas Caterer for gluten free meals

Gluten-free, please

Gluten is naturally found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley and is primarily found in products such as bread and crackers. But, they aren’t the only products that can contain gluten. Noodles, breading, stuffing, and even canned goods such as chicken broths also contain gluten. As such, it pays to be aware of the contents of your ingredients before you prepare them for the guests.

Gluten has become more of a concern in recent years due to the fact that Celiac Disease can cause intestinal inflammation and scarring. It isn’t like food allergies, but is just as more dangerous to the unsuspecting guest.

But that doesn’t mean your guests can’t enjoy a wide variety of recipes. These days, gluten free pastas, crackers, breading, and assorted recipes have become widely available, though they tend to be a little more expensive when pre-packaged.

Gluten alternatives

As such, you will have to consider alternatives for your gluten-free event. Such entrees as the bacon-wrapped almond or cheese-stuffed dates are excellent dishes. All fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products are naturally gluten-free, but be sure to double check that the food items haven’t been mixed with gluten (such as breaded, canned, or stuffed items). Substituting ingredients in a recipe for gluten-free alternatives results in a healthier and tastier menu for all of your guests.

Not all grains contain gluten either, so don’t strike starch off the menu just yet. Rice is amongst the better known grains that is naturally gluten free and can replace an array of ingredients in many recipes. Rather than breaded chicken, you can go with a chicken and wild-rice recipe.

Because preparing a gluten free menu will take time and careful consideration combined with food-safety knowledge, it’s ideal to discuss these options with your preferred West Texas catering service. This will ensure that not only is your food gluten-free, but the recipes present the best flavor for your guests to enjoy.

So, the next time you find yourself preparing a menu for an event, consider the needs of your guests carefully so that you can ensure that everyone can enjoy the meal prepared for them. After all, as the host of the party, it’s your task to make sure everyone has a happy and healthy experience at your event.

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