Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday of March, which happens to be the 1st of March this year, is Employee Appreciation Day. Since 1995, employees have received special appreciation for their hard work and diligence in the workplace.

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with your West Texas caterer

You may be wondering how you can show your employees some generous appreciation on this day. But don’t be worried, as there are plenty of ways you can show your employees how much they matter to you and your business.

Show them some love

How can you show your employees they’re working for the right business? Often, a simple note of appreciation can go a long way. Employers don’t often credit their employees for playing the major part that they do. So why not write a short and simple letter. You’d be surprised at how far a few words will lift your employee’s morale, plus it’s something they can be proud to post on their wall.

You should reward positive action. Do your employees go above and beyond their normal duties? Do they stay late to take care of a project? Take these things into consideration when they go the distance for the business they represent.

Something to celebrate

Quite often, nothing says “thank you” like throwing a celebration in their honor. Every worker requires sustenance to keep their bodies and minds active and functioning, which makes the benefits of an excellently prepared lunch ideal for both employer and employee. More energy and higher morale inevitably lead to improved productivity.

The important thing is that you get everyone together- and that means everyone. Schedule it into the day and make sure that everyone attends. In many cases, it’s a good idea to attend an “at work” event in shifts (though it may not get everyone together at the same time).Take on the work if need be, but give your employees a chance to relax and feel separated from work while they enjoy the event. And the bonus here is that you can surprise them with it, like icing on the cake.

Not all employers can handle an “at work” event, perhaps due to space or even timing (such as customers walking in or business situations that need to be attended to). But that doesn’t mean you can’t get together and enjoy some festivities after work (and a great chance to relax after a long day). Just be sure that you plan this ahead of time, since surprises can crash with your employee’s previous plans. Give them notice and most of all, give them a great reason to attend the event (such as a raffle and some good eats from your favorite West Texas catering service).

Employees are an integral part of every business. While they may not have their names displayed on the door, it is always good to show them the appreciation that they deserve. Take some time to plan out an event that will give credit where it’s due and let your employees know how important they are to your business’ success.

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