Big Mistake – Catering Your Own Wedding

While planning a wedding, many soon discover that budgets can often be limited, offering little flexibility. For that matter, the one area of the whole arrangement that organizers look to save on costs is the catering. It sounds easy enough to whip up a few family recipes, perhaps even bake a cake, and plan some interesting ideas for your guests. However, often enough it turns out to be a costly mistake.

West Texas catering service for a smooth wedding celebration

First of all, consider what it is that a catering service offers. It isn’t just about preparing the food, it’s about handling the process and knowing what to expect. A well-trained staff is well experienced for the job, enabling them to perform effectively and solve problems easily. Not only that, but they are also trained on safety and hygienic food preparations, ensuring that your guests get the flavor they want at no risk to their health.

Costs speak loud

Additionally, catering can turn out to be less expensive when considering time, materials, and ingredients (some of which you may not so easily be able to find without professional expertise) needed for a wedding. Dinnerware can get expensive as well, and can quickly drain your budget.

Another issue with self-catering is that it can be difficult to measure exactly the amount of food your guests are going to eat. Professional caterers can focus on preparing enough for everyone and also offer a wider menu for your guests (versatility).


Ultimately, the professional caterer knows what it takes to be prepared for the requirements of the event. Timing and effective delivery are essential to keeping your guests happy and excited. Food prepping requirements, such as when certain foods need to be prepared and delivered to the guests, can leave many self-caterers confused because they don’t have the experience or the understanding of what it takes to cater successfully.

Experience matters, and is something that the West Texas catering professionals have in plenty. In fact, there is a story about one couple that tried to cater their own wedding for a group of 50 and it turned out to be a disaster. No one knew what to expect, even with family and friends helping. Communication wasn’t effective, and the family found themselves riding the elevator up and down twenty five floors to retrieve silverware and other supplies because the location (the couple’s condo) wasn’t properly equipped to handle the event. Being prepared matters a lot and that takes experience.

So before you decide to cater your own wedding, consider the demands and costs it will take on you. This is a special time for you and your family, so it’s best to rely on the professionals to help you out so you can focus on enjoying the special moments.

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