Football Fan-Tastic Food!

Preparing for a big party isn’t as easy as it sounds. Tailgating is possibly one of football’s most renowned activities – the fun, food and people all brought together to enjoy not only the game but the party as well. But that’s not to limit fun football fun to tailgating parties- you can throw one right out of your own home to keep the action with us when we can’t get to the game. Grab a few friends and find out what you need to do to prepare for some fun fan action.

Situating the food

Food is of course quite possible the most important part of a football party (next to the beer and the game). Catering out has some of the best options, whether you’re going for a game festival or sticking to some quality dips and nachos.

Ideas can range from the tasty barbeque chicken wings flavored in sauce that will satisfy your appetite to Jumbalaya or barbeque burgers cooked to your order. A good size entree is great for a group, especially when the party is expected to tailgate for hours on end. You don’t want any rumbling tummies begging for more. It’s rewarding to have your friends walk away saying: it’s great, but I’m stuffed already.

What about snack time for those grab and go between commercial and time out breaks? Well think about some guacamole and salsa to dip a few chips in while you wait for the coaches to make the right plays. Some jalapeno poppers (aka armadillo eggs) are a must for just about any tailgating party.

For stuff that’s even more exotic, you may want to think about trying some beer punch or tequila bars to add some spice to a day of fan fun. Just make sure no youngsters happen upon these adult delights.

Planning the play

What’s it gonna be? What’s the plan for the day? Do you want a full out festival or perhaps you just want to stick to some snackage? What about drinks? Desserts? Planning your game play takes some organization and skill as you’ll have to make choices based on place, players, and the weather.

First you may consider the climate? Is it going to be hot or cold weather? You’re going to want to match your food selection to your atmosphere. Football games, especially as the season gets along, my lead you outdoors in some cold weather. Choosing from a fresh and hot selection of party treats will help keep you warm (especially some jalapeno poppers). Hot weather may call for some refreshingly cool or cold delights to keep the heat at bay. Perhaps a selection of cold desserts or drinks would chill a hot afternoon.
What if the party is in your house? You may be a little cautious about carpet stains, so you may want to keep the dining area limited to the kitchen (where grab and go snacks would be great) or perhaps eat outdoors where the ground isn’t going to mind a few crumbs and dropped goodies. If your party is going to be on the tailgate, you probably don’t have to worry about the mess, as long as you don’t forget to make sure the trash gets in the trash can (don’t litter, please).

What does your group like? Are they going to like a hearty meal, or maybe they’re a little more health conscious. Choosing the right diet for your party-goers is just as important as having food available in the first place. Though you may want something specific, be sure that what they are going to like will be available as well.

With the help of your caterer, a good tailgating party leaves everyone happy and asking when the next party is going to be. A great party, well planned out and without any messy fumbles (hopefully), ends with one thing in mind: No matter who wins the game, it’s all in fun at a fan-tastic tailgating party.

Fall Fruits

Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peach, squash (even though it’s not a fruit), tomatoes, apples, and even the classic lemon all add to the spice of fall. The upcoming holidays bring about a different season for our taste buds, as all sorts of ciders and pies are going to in our upcoming dining events. Fruit has the ability to bring a sweet edge to any meal, and it’s good for you, so why not consider a few dishes that remind you of how sweet life can really be?

Any which way you like it

Soup, smoked, grilled, fried, drink, and pie! Yes, fruit can be prepared any which way you like it. The great thing about a caterer is that they can prepare anything anyway you like it (as long as you make sure you’ve got the right caterer). So open your mind to the world of fruits and see what kind of dishes, main courses, drinks, and desserts you can discuss for your next event.

For the healthy: an apple a day can be prepared so many different ways.

Apples are an amazingly versatile fruit, mixing and matching with just about any meal. From the main course to the finishing touches of dessert, apples are good for you and delicious, too. Consider some of these different dishes when you’re discussing dishes with your caterer:

  • Apple Panini
  • Sweet Potato and Apple Soup
  • Classic Applesauce
  • Pork Chops with Apples
  • Baked Apples with Fennel
  • Apple cheddar shortcake
  • Sweet potato apple casserole

Fruity salads, drinks, and even breads

Cherry tomatoes, often thought of to be a vegetable, are one of the most renowned fruits to join in any salad. But, salads aren’t limited to some lettuce, ranch dressing, and a few tomatoes, you can enjoy some wonderful fruit salads as well. There are a variety of different mixes that deviate from the cliché fruit cocktail, so remember to discuss the options with your caterer.

One of the coolest things about fruit is that it can add spice to a meal, or it can be made into its very own drink. Strawberry lemonade, fruit smoothie, or spiced cider can all make fine drinks for the upcoming season. They are a healthy and refreshing alternative to the sugar filled soda pops.

Fruit breads are healthy and delicious. There’s nothing quite like having your favorite fruits baked into your bread, or even having a fruit spread made to your liking to awaken the season of Fall. Cinnamon raisin bread is one of my personal favorites as it makes a tasty snack or dessert.

Is it time for dessert yet?

Oh yeah! It’s time to pull out the pie. Fruits like apples, lemons, and peaches are some of the favorites for the fall season, but don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit. Why not take a look around to get some fruity ideas for dessert?

What to choose

Yes, now that you have an idea of what there is out there, it is time to choose. Perhaps you have a purpose in mind for the event, whether it’s a special event or even a holiday, adding the spice of fall is sweet this time of year. But, it is important to remember your audience, as they will be the ones dining on your choices. You may ask around to see what sort of dishes they might fancy. Perchance it may even be wise to choose items that reflect the celebration or event. Keep in mind that a caterer can prepare any dish you want to match your desire.

Allergies are very important to watch out for, too. Certain melons and even bananas have a high allergy response, so you will definitely want to get to know your attending party to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fruity dish.

This fall, you can savor some fruit dishes that you know you’ll enjoy, or even try out a few new ones to add to your new favorites list. With the help of your caterer and some careful planning, your event can be a tasty fall festival that everyone will love.

Enjoy And Leave The Hassle To Us…

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Do You Specialize in Certain Types of Foods?

Thinking about your upcoming event? Parties include all the planning, organizing, and most of all- making a decision. Sometimes we rush into decisions, often making choices based on what we know and what we don’t know. Almost any event leads to the inevitable meal time. If you’re like me, you show up asking: When do we eat? And I know there are a lot of people that can relate. Needless to say, meal time is a big part of any event, and what’s to eat can be hard to choose.

Luckily, if you’re looking for some ideas, there is FoodNetwork.com to offer anybody a choice selection for their next event. Sitting down with the caterer, they’re probably going to ask you: What do you want to eat? It’s great to have an idea, specific or general, to discuss with them. What’s even better is that we can cook and prepare anything that you see on the Food Network- from snacks to vast multi-course meals.

Think about what your event theme.  There are selections for football, Halloween and other holiday foods, foods for everyone and any age, healthy, scrumptious, treats,  and desserts. It’s just like wandering through a maze of delicious aisles that contain anything for any time or any occasion. Each area of your diet has its own section for you to investigate for yourself.

Football season is here, and that means it’s party time. Whether it’s the next game or even just preparing for the playoffs, you can check out and get an idea for the next big game. Check out what looks good to you on the Holidays & Parties section, where you can view any dish for any special event of the year.

Got an idea already, but want to make the picture a little clearer (and more scrumptious)? You can search for dishes containing your favorite ingredients, or even by levels of simplicity. You may be throwing a party, but you may just want to keep it basic.

There’s the What’s Cooking section to show you what’s popular right now. There’s nothing better than picking items that are going to make your attending audience happy. You can choose from a selection that targets the healthy at heart. View recipes and meals to satisfy your hunger and your health.  Watch what you want to eat!

You can even view some of the most popular cooking shows and watch how things are done in the kitchen when cooking gets fast, furious, and delicious. Scan through them, or you can even trace your interests by meal or favorite chef show. Watch how they make it, and if it looks good enough to eat at your next event, your caterer can make it so.

Your choices are practically limitless, and it’s nice to be able to sit down with your caterer and know exactly what you want, or at least have an idea that you can work with.When looking for the right meal, whether it’s a full on meal, light or heavy snacks to manage the crowd, or perhaps even something special for a special gathering (wedding, anniversary, graduation), you can get an idea of what you and your group might like to savor at your next party.